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It’s all about the extremes


It seems only appropriate to start a Monday off with bad tidings, so here we go. Friends are having hard times, go see what you can do.

If you then need some kind of relief, here’s a sweet one :)

And after the above tornado of emotions, I promise the rest of this post will be peaceful.

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Getting away from it all


A very reasonable request. I love the idea of backup pants. Are they for going in reverse?

“Extended travel with very small children is challenging.” (Better you than me, Karrie :)

Well. Since you asked so nicely.

This made me cry.

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Wisdom, age, and Spring


I’m glad WTM is open to a room mate, because I’m going to be there next.

I am reasonably sure that this time of year can be greatly enhanced with liberal doses of caffeine. Early and often. That’s the only way to get through until Spring!

Oma's flowers

My kids also believe they are the boss of me. (Glad this story turned out well. And funny too. Kind of a nice double-whammy.)

Des, you’re a smarty. It takes most people a hell of a lot longer to figure that out.

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