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Honesty and fame


Bossy’s young daughter just had part of her mouth torn off by a dog. I don’t even know what to say. If you do, please head over there.

“What the hell has happened to people?” Indeed.

Think there’s no reason to link to Dooce or Amalah anymore? Like they’re all famous and no longer worth reading? I call bullshit on that. They’re both so freaking honest to the core. Don’t believe me? Try this and this on for size.

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I’ve seen your housing forms, and … well … ew.


I’m now in the position of desperately needing to know what a “more secure location” for underwear is. I also want to know how you can kiss before you date

IMO, Cleatus is lucky to be alive! Snort! That’s my kind of humor.

A long weekAre you the owner of malfunctioning housing forms? Go buck up Amalah, fer feck’s sake.

WHOO HOO! That’s a pretty great present. Now you can breathe :)

Stephania shows us all why this magazine goes straight to the recycling at our house. If I sit down to read it makes me go all ranty.

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