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Livin’ and a-workin’


How cool — I hope she gets picked to be dead too. I’ve never known a professional corpse before!

Maybe next time she’ll tell us how she really feels :)

Every mom’s nightmare — has a good ending.

Made me laugh out loud, and for real, not that stupid acronym.

Go lipgloss, go lipgloss, it’s your birthday, go lipgloss… (Am I too old to pull that off? Shut.Up.)

Check out the latest member of the eMom family. Cute!

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On the (completely looney-tunes) street where I live


Don’t you just love this kind of ca-razy?

OK, maybe bad, but also hilarious.


I’m just happy that this wasn’t written from prison!

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Apparently now posts are screaming at me. I think I need professional help.



NEVER has a post screamed out for a photo more than this one.

Hey, at least it was strangers. I mean it could have been worse. (Not much, but a little.)

Excellent news! I’m happy Archer had a great day. That can be a tricky transition.

(And by the way, I’m giving away a Nikon over on Momsational.)

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So “Dora” teaches kids what, exactly?


“So definitely until Summer.” I love it.

What a beautiful memory.

Ha! And I think that pretty much there is no such thing as educational television.

Argh, that really sucks.

Solution: move to Hawaii ;)

Bossy, woman-to-woman, I’ve just got to tell you… You’re a force to be reckoned with. I hope your trip is fabulous!

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Shaved Prim Rib. I’ll take mine well done, thank you very much.


Mrs. Flinger is starting a new series devoted to you! Check back to learn how to increase your blog traffic. She’s a giver with infectious enthusiasm, and I love her!

I’ve always just thought my kids were mind readers, but I guess blog reader is another good guess. Whatever it is, they always seem to find a way to mess with your head…

Snort, a new spin on potty training. I agree, perhaps if they’re licking the potty chair it isn’t quite time yet. (And I say this as the mom of a boy who just turned 3 and is in diapers.)

This is not news… who doesn’t heart Bossy?? :)


I took this test approximately 100 years ago in Mansfield, PA — which was actually kind of a hole, and not “glorious” at all. No idea what I scored anymore, but good luck Suzanne! (Oh, and see if you can guess why the above menu item reminded me of her.)

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Well OK, as long as it is a safety issue…


One way to help those flooded in western Washington.

This package isn’t even for me, and I can’t wait to find out what’s in it! … Faith and hope :) … Mrs. F has a new gig! … Good to know.

Snort! … A good questionWow! … “It was a safety issue.”

Funny Pictures

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