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Beautiful post from Amy plus she has some good news :)   «:»   I’ve got one of these too. Courage!   «:»   BLACKMAIL.   «:»   Truly, it is all a matter of degree.

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Just be happy it wasn’t an Oscar, and I don’t mean the little gold man


Ack, I almost Big Birded reading this.

To quote Homer Simpson, I’d have to say a little from column A, and a little from column B.

The last sentence is the kicker, and oh so true.

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But what would that medal be called?


Truth in advertising. Snort, that was easy. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best way to lose ever! Yes ;)

A fantastic description of marriage. And motherhood.

Yay!! New baby! Congrats to Frema! 11 pounds 4 ounces is either a typo, or your qualification for some sort of medal. Ouch.

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I’ve seen your housing forms, and … well … ew.


I’m now in the position of desperately needing to know what a “more secure location” for underwear is. I also want to know how you can kiss before you date

IMO, Cleatus is lucky to be alive! Snort! That’s my kind of humor.

A long weekAre you the owner of malfunctioning housing forms? Go buck up Amalah, fer feck’s sake.

WHOO HOO! That’s a pretty great present. Now you can breathe :)

Stephania shows us all why this magazine goes straight to the recycling at our house. If I sit down to read it makes me go all ranty.

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