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Livin’ and a-workin’


How cool — I hope she gets picked to be dead too. I’ve never known a professional corpse before!

Maybe next time she’ll tell us how she really feels :)

Every mom’s nightmare — has a good ending.

Made me laugh out loud, and for real, not that stupid acronym.

Go lipgloss, go lipgloss, it’s your birthday, go lipgloss… (Am I too old to pull that off? Shut.Up.)

Check out the latest member of the eMom family. Cute!

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Well OK, as long as it is a safety issue…


One way to help those flooded in western Washington.

This package isn’t even for me, and I can’t wait to find out what’s in it! … Faith and hope :) … Mrs. F has a new gig! … Good to know.

Snort! … A good questionWow! … “It was a safety issue.”

Funny Pictures

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Welcome to the new home of Go Read It Today!


Hi! I’m so happy you’ve found your way over to the new home of Go Read It Today!

We’re still getting stuff set up around here, so bear with us. If you find something broken, please let me know :) Onward!

Heard on the street: “FYI, dude, the six year old talks.” and “…crack whores don’t usually wear knee highs to ply their wares…” and “I may be the only woman in America who is using an electric wand massager for its intended purpose.”

Sing it, sister. Wow, I have found the ultimate DIY.

OMG, did you hear the news? Linksational is like Go Read It Today on steroids because it has pictures!!

funny pictures

What’s next? Videos? Hover cars? Jet packs? Thanks to Wendy, Go Read It Today has entered the 21st century. Come back tomorrow for more online hotness.

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