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Just be happy it wasn’t an Oscar, and I don’t mean the little gold man


Ack, I almost Big Birded reading this.

To quote Homer Simpson, I’d have to say a little from column A, and a little from column B.

The last sentence is the kicker, and oh so true.

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It’s all about the extremes


It seems only appropriate to start a Monday off with bad tidings, so here we go. Friends are having hard times, go see what you can do.

If you then need some kind of relief, here’s a sweet one :)

And after the above tornado of emotions, I promise the rest of this post will be peaceful.

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What did she say???


Snort — she said “momhole” and I can’t stop snickering!

Worth a read if you have gone far down the infertility path (raises hand) or want to see some of what that’s like. I too felt like once I got to the well-established pregnancy part it would all somehow be different. Yeah… not so much.

I’m going to have to say no

It’s not morphine, but if you wanted to wrap Kerry up in your words, now is the time.

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