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About Linksational


Hey there — I’m Erika Jurney, mom of 3 wonderfully lunatic boys ages 2¾, 5 and 5¾ who compete daily for my attention and the title of Today’s Top Consumer of Mom’s Free Time. For a taste of the crazy, just stop by my personal blog Plain Jane Mom. To win prizes out the wazoo, check out Momsational. For crafty goodness, head over to Erika Bum Berika.

“Linksational” grew out of a feature on my personal blog called Go Read It Today, and you can stop over there to see all the great stuff I linked to between January and December 2007.

Should I be reading your blog? I find most of my favorite blogs via comments left here on Linksational as well as over at Plain Jane Mom. And if your blog has a full-post RSS feed I’m about 50 times more likely to follow your posts. I’m just saying… :)

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