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Is the “Evil” John Chow Gaming the System?


Ever since I first saw that John Chow had a crush on Darren Rowse, I have become a regular reader of John’s blog. I have to admit, I have been sucked in by this rather charismatic guy who writes about how much money he’s making with his blog (he’s got my butt whooped!) and his […]

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Beware the Inescapable Vortex that is MyBlogLog!


Oh. My. God.
This dang MyBlogLog widget has stolen my weekend away from me!!!
I can now see those of you who lurk.
I can see what other blogs you like.
I am shocked at how many of you are eDads - not eMoms.
I’m already making new contacts.
I’ve already increased traffic and links.
It’s been less than 48 […]

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A Digg for the Other Half of the Planet


Is it just me, or does Digg seem a little bit skewed to the male half of the human race?
I’m not complaining, per se - just acknowledging the fact that Diggers aren’t really my target market - which is unfortunate, because some of my best friends, and coaching clients for that matter, are guys in […]

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Can You Write off Your Dog as a Home Office Expense?


OK, I’ll admit, I really don’t know if you can write off your dog as a home office expense.
But there are people out there who certainly want to know, because last week, my search engine keyword referrer report tells me that at least one person in this country was searching Google with those […]

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eMoms Review :: Sears’


As a prominent mom blogger, I am regularly contacted by companies asking me to help “spread the word” about products, services and new web sites. Usually, I blow them off - particularly because most of the time, the stuff they want me to promote isn’t really relevant to you or me.
But last week I was […]

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Blog Day 2006


What a great idea - let’s celebrate the most important aspect of blogging by participating in Blog Day 2006!

The Scoop - straight from
BlogDay was initiated with the belief that bloggers should have one day which will be dedicated to know other bloggers, from other countries or areas of interests. In that day Bloggers will […]

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Getting a Website Up and Running


I’m back online after an 8-day internet outage courtesy of Comcast. I’m just grateful to be back! 
I have taken a bit of a hiatus from doing my affiliate marketing research in order to get eSelfHelp up and running. I have found some great content resources that are helping tremendously to add valuable articles to the […]

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FeedBurner - Super Cool Blogging Tool


As I hone in on getting these sites up and running, I am going to ensure that I stay focused on two things - internet marketing and working at home. I have been working non-stop on developing the content and pages for eSelfHelp - and for now it’s just pulling together advertising, great products, and […]

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Work at Home Ideas - a Trustworthy Research Tool


We all know that there is many a scam out there when it comes to working from home. Before you decide to go with any work at home opportunity, it is of the utmost importance to do your homework.
Paul, “Mr. Work at Home” and a former fraud investigator, has put together a truly excellent and […]

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The Startup Process is Slow Going


I really didn’t realize how time consuming it would be to create so much content for these sites. Since I haven’t written on a regular basis in about 15 years, it’s been downright frustrating for me as a woman who loves instant gratification!
I have done some extensive research on Affiliate Marketing lately as I build […]

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