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Email Marketing - Reaching Beyond Your Inner Circle


I finally got my newsletter up and running last week - and it was really, truly exciting. OK, I know that makes me sound like a total geek, but it’s true.
The first issue of Weekly Wisdom went out on Friday via . (By the way, I think they are FANTASTIC - and they are FREE […]

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Learn Affiliate Marketing from Rosalind Gardner
She Raked in $436,797 Online in One Year!

Summer, a New Business, and 3 Kids…


I’m going to think out loud here as I try to determine how the heck I am going to manage the upcoming summer. I am heavy in the trenches launching eSelfHelp. I have one more week of kids in school, then my 3, 6 and 11 year olds will be home full time with me. […]

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Getting a Website Up and Running


I’m back online after an 8-day internet outage courtesy of Comcast. I’m just grateful to be back! 
I have taken a bit of a hiatus from doing my affiliate marketing research in order to get eSelfHelp up and running. I have found some great content resources that are helping tremendously to add valuable articles to the […]

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A Networking Success Story


When I used to be a recruiter for online marketing positions, I had to do a LOT of networking. I loved it, because I am such a social person. I am where I am today because of the network I built back then. The relationships have been a big part of my success.
I volunteered at […]

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Leverage to Stay Focused when Starting a Home-Based Business


I found a really interesting new site today thanks to our dear friend Google. It’s I found it because I just joined a Mastermind Group, and in doing some work for my fellow participants, I found his link. WinBig has a series of programs for business growth, leadership training, and, not surprisingly, Mastermind groups! […]

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How to Make Money From Your Blog


Well, I just found my new home today. I think I’ll be able to move in quickly… it’s right around the corner at .
This is a guy after my own heart. He has a passion for both self help AND internet marketing, and he keeps up a wildly successful blog - in which […]

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Building an Affiliate Web Site from Scratch


Building an affiliate site from scratch is a lot more work than I thought it would be. The affiliate part is easy. I didn’t realize that being a webmaster was so #$&* time-consuming! I even bought a template and have been working my pages from that, and this is just taking SO much longer than […]

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FeedBurner - Super Cool Blogging Tool


As I hone in on getting these sites up and running, I am going to ensure that I stay focused on two things - internet marketing and working at home. I have been working non-stop on developing the content and pages for eSelfHelp - and for now it’s just pulling together advertising, great products, and […]

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eMoms at Home is Cruising Along!


Wow! I have hardly touched this site beyond daily blogging and my Alexa rank has skyrocketed nearly as much as eSelfHelp has! I”ve broken the top 100,000!
I have to tell you that even though this is my third home-based business, I have never been more gratified by what I am doing. And frankly, I’ve made […]

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Great Ways to Fail at Affiliate Marketing


When I review applicants for the affiliate program run through Commission Junction, I have some easy rules I follow as I determine whether I accept or decline them.
Here they are:

The site MUST look professional. We may not have the biggest brand on the planet, but it’s rather important to us. So we take who we […]

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