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Blogging Elite Retreat :: Neil Patel


You know, before today, I had really given up on Digg. After seeing the maturity level of the Digg userbase as well as never getting any more than 10 visits from the site in a month, I figured that Diggers would never be willing to visit a site for moms. Plus, all I seemed to […]

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How to Optimize Your Blog Advertising Like a Pro


It amazes me that there are still web sites and blogs out there that slap AdSense ads onto the page along with some marginally relevant ads from Commission Junction into the sidebar and seemingly expect money to start rolling in. I’ll admit I was guilty of it myself when I started this blog. But even […]

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Is the “Evil” John Chow Gaming the System?


Ever since I first saw that John Chow had a crush on Darren Rowse, I have become a regular reader of John’s blog. I have to admit, I have been sucked in by this rather charismatic guy who writes about how much money he’s making with his blog (he’s got my butt whooped!) and his […]

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Contextual Advertising Experiment - I’m Switching to AdBrite


Update :: I decided to use AdBrite’s filter, which allows me to use Google Ads unless AdBrite’s page eCPM hits a certain level of earnings. Thus far, there’s not much to report. Stay tuned…
I was feeling a little discontented with my Google AdSense ads lately, especially since I found that I’m not getting paid […]

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The DayJobKiller will Also Kill Your Reputation


I got an email the other day from a prominent affiliate marketer, promoting the DayJobKiller eBook. She mentioned that the tactics weren’t exactly above board, but that they would indeed work.
Then I ran across this over at Brian’s blog, The Truth About Internet Marketing. He trashed the thing.
I was glad I didn’t spend the $77.
So […]

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Increase Your Blog Revenue with Analytics :: Part II


In my first post in this intro to analytics series, we talked about how to listen to your readers to give them the content that they want.
Today, we maximize and monetize it.
Compelling content speaks for itself, in that if you write great stuff, great people want to read it. But figuring out what content to […]

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Increase Your Blog Revenue with Analytics :: Part I


This is the first of two posts on an introduction to increasing your blog revenue by using web analytics
When I used to manage the affiliate marketing program for , I was obsessed with using Omniture to track our web stats. I could literally sit there for hours pulling reports… analyzing page views, click paths, […]

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Hire Me on ReviewMe for 50% off!


ReviewMe is offering a promotion (via TLA’s Link Building Blog) through the end of the month - 50% off a review - basically they are giving up their entire fee to promote their program.
So I had an idea - take advantage of their promo to promote myself on their site.
What kind of reviews should you […]

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