About Wendy Piersall and eMoms at Home


The story behind this site is a good one. Back in early 2006, I left my job as Business Development Director for Socrates.com to follow my heart - start a personal development social networking and affiliate marketing website at eSelfHelp.com.

I decided to start this blog to document the process for other interested work at home moms. It was my third home-based business, I figured I knew a thing or two that others might be interested in.

But then this blog took off, while my other site went nowhere. I decided to focus on my ultimate outcome - help as many people as possible.

Thus, the real eMoms at Home was born.

The site has certainly evolved over the almost-year it’s been around. And the content has been driven by you, the bright, talented and inspiring readers of this blog.

You guys are great conversationalists, offer encouragement, add to my success, and we all share a passion for blogging, entrepreneurialism, and making our lives meaningful and rewarding.

You continue to surprise, delight and challenge me as I work continuously to grow and expand the content as well as the number of readers who enjoy what I write.

I started out wanting to change the world with eSelfHelp - I wanted to touch lives, make a difference.

Here on eMoms at Home, I found that you have given me a greater gift than I have given you.

But I certainly enjoy trying to catch up with you. :)


And now for the typical “About Page” stuff…

Site author Wendy Piersall has over 6 years’ experience working in a home office. She is also a Certified NLP Practitioner & Coach, and a Senior Trainer and Coach with Anthony Robbins & Associates.

eMomsatHome.com is Wendy’s third home-based business, and her first entreprenurial adventure into online marketing. She also has an accomplished professional background as a recruiter in the online marketing niche, working with clients such as CoolSavings, JWT, Discover Financial and Edelman Interactive.

Blog topics include Business Tips, Overcoming Obstacles, Empowerment, Success Tools, Entreprenurialism, Blogging, Online Marketing, and Work-Life Balance.

Some links are just for you to follow and enjoy. Others are affiliate links in which a commission might be earned. [ It’s part of how I make a living by working at home :) . ]