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OMG :: I am Going to Elite Retreat!!!


Holy cow!
I just got an email from Lee Dodd!! I was the chosen winner of a free ticket to Elite Retreat next week in San Francisco!!!
Please bear with me if there are typos in this post, because I am so FLIPPING excited I can hardly type! As in, I screamed and jumped around the house […]

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You Don’t Have to Be a Jerk to Enjoy a Big Ego


As I chuckle to myself after reading my own headline, I feel pretty good about who I am. I know that I am worthy. I know that no matter what challenge any of my clients have, I can help them move through it if they are committed to change. I know that my time is […]

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I Have the Best Blog Readers on the Planet


I’m coming back to my online life… slowly! Our week couldn’t have gone better last week - we got a ton of family time, honored a great woman who passed, and my hubby and I grew closer than we ever have before. I hardly plugged in my computer at all over the last 4 days, […]

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What Goes Around, Comes Around.


When I started the BlogJolt project, I knew I would be making a difference for a few bloggers out there.
Sometimes it’s a heck of a lot of work.
Sometimes I wonder how I’m going to stay on top of it all, and find some way to turn it into a revenue center (somehow, someway, while keeping […]

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I’m a true SOB


It’s been a great week to be an eMom! Thanks to the rewarding and wonderful BlogJolt project, eMoms at Home is the proud recipient of the prestigious SOB award.
Yep, I’m an SOB Thanks Liz!!

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eMoms at Home on WAHM Talk Radio!


Fun news everyone! I was interviewed by Kelly McCausey from WAHM Talk Radio for her weekly podcast this week! Kelly and I talk about the BlogJolt project, the inspiration behind it, and some of my future plans for our group to touch a lot more moms and a lot more blogs in the coming weeks. Plus […]

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