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Leslie Morgan Steiner, You’ve Been BlogTipped!


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It’s time to go BlogTipping! The concept is simple. On the first of the month:

Give a shout out to 3 Blogs

Give them all 3 Compliments

Offer them 1 Tip

The tradition was generously started by Easton Ellsworth over at BusinessBlogWire, as a way to get the word out about great blogs.

First up is Leslie Morgan Steiner’s Washington Post Blog, On Balance.

  1. Leslie is a seriously gifted writer, somehow elegantly walking the line between High-Powered Career Maven and Vulnerable, yet Strong Mom with astonishing honesty and enviable charisma - she is truly a role model for moms seeking balance, IMHO.
  2. On the OnBalance blog, every Tuesday is opened up to reader-submitted posts. A very large group of my own readers can take advantage of this great opportunity, simply because I know that all of you are gifted writers already blogging about work-life balance. So get your original, unpublished content into Leslie’s hands now! What an opportunity!
  3. I admire the fact that Leslie has truly engaged her audience - posts get between 200-600 comments - EACH! I think more than one prominent journalist could take a lesson or two from her.
  • Tip - Although your blog is highly visible to Washington Post readers, I think it hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves in the blogosphere. It’s a shame and I would guess a lot of people are missing out on your great content because of it. I’m sure it’s nothing a good little bit of Word-of-Mouth campaigning couldn’t take care of. :)

Next Up :: The Blog Bloke

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On February 2nd, 2007 at 2:51 pm, KWiz said:

Hi Wendy,

I love this blog. I’ve had it in my blogroll since the beginning of my blog back in November, and I agree - Leslie seems to provide a balanced perspective from the mommy side and the career woman side (that really wasn’t worded properly).

Could it be that her blog isn’t that visible in the blogosphere because she is associated with the Washington Post? In other words, it seems bloggers’ source of information are other bloggers. I read somewhere that for some bloggers, linking to mainstream media is undesirable. I can sort of see how this might be true, but could that be a possibility? Even so, the exposure Leslie is getting now hopefully will get the word out.

On February 2nd, 2007 at 3:53 pm, eMom said:

I think there is some truth to that - Leslie is caught in the middle of news journalists and bloggers by blogging for the WP. I would be curious to know if she gets any ‘flak’ (for lack of a better word at the moment) from either side. Do any journalists dismiss her writing because she is a blogger? Do any bloggers dismiss her writing because she is a journalist and book author?

Hopefully she’ll drop by and give us the scoop. :)

At the same time, her writing is truly, well, blog writing! Open, conversational, and she feels so real and approachable as you read her stuff. So in the end, I would hope that anyone would “judge” her on the true quality of her words.

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