I’m not Immune to Vacation Hangovers

Yep. That’s me. I’m having a bit of a hard time getting started this morning.

In fact, I’d rather be cleaning the house, running errands, painting walls, reading, watching movies, doing yardwork, rearranging furntiure…

…just about ANYTHING rather than work today!

I have a sneaking suspicion I am not alone as I work to shake off my Vacation Hangover.

To top it all off, yesterday was my birthday, and want to know how we celebrated it?

That's our Front Room!!

By sanding and refinishing our hardwood floors.

Today I am working diligently on getting my focus where it needs to be to have a productive week. Since I started this post 2 hours ago and I’m still only a few sentences into it, you can see how well I am doing. ;)

Well, I’ve written about getting focused before, and I know what I need to do to get my head back in the game - that is, when I decide to!

I’m more curious as to how YOU get over YOUR Vacation/Holiday Hangovers. Please share your tips and tricks and I’ll combine them into a separate post (giving due credit to all!).

The season of distraction is upon us! And if we want to get anything done, let’s pool our resources and get to work!

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5 Comments on “I’m not Immune to Vacation Hangovers”

  1. katiebird Says:

    Boy it sure is (the season of distraction). I feel like I’m running in 5 feet of water.

  2. cjcm Says:

    From my experience I normally feel like dragging my feet to work after returning from holiday because I had left an unfinished business just before the holiday. And very likely, I probably didn’t push to finish it off thingking I could get it done when I am back from holiday. What a bummer isn’t it? Moral of the story, finish off what ever you have before the holiday. And line up something interesting so that you are eager to come back. Just my 2cents.

    BTW, Happy birthday Wendy.

  3. Char Says:

    Great advice cjcm! I had a hard time getting started yesterday, too. Once I made my to-do list and started with a few of the quick tasks, I felt much better.

  4. Ariane Benefit from NeatLiving.Net Says:

    I’m going through this too! I’m having a hard time focusing. I believe it’s because I indulged in sugary pies & ice cream as well as in Gluten (stuffing, crackers, etc.) during our Thanksgiving celebrations. I’ve been gluten and sugar-free about a year now…and I can tell you that every time I indulge this happens. My allergies get worse, my joints feel stiff, and overall I feel bloated. After a couple days of being back on plan and eating healthy foods only, I’m feeling much better! And, getting lots more done! The other thing that does miracles for my energy and ability to focus is to drink water…and stretch!

  5. eMoms at Home » Blog Archive » Top 10 Secrets to a Stressless AND Productive Holiday Season Says:

    […] Eat right, sleep well and stay on top of exercise routines I know this one is hard - so hard - during December. Go easy on this one, but don’t let it all go to hell. Indulgence is fine - but stay on top of eating lots of veggies, fruits, and lowfat meals as much as possible. Get as much sleep as possible. If getting to the gym is difficult, put Exercise TV on. Or park farther away at the mall (you may get to do this anyway!!). Stretch daily. Drink LOTS of water.The only times I ever get sick is when I let myself get run-down. Being sick takes up too much time - so my health is a big priority. It’s also very important to Ariane, who gave me this tip. Thanks Ariane! ~ […]