Pondering UNThinkable Steps to Growth in Overwhelm Mode

Yikes! It's a good problem to have!As my NLP Coaching and Intervention work takes off, I have come to a huge obstacle that I must overcome in order to bring my business to the next level. But it’s almost unthinkable!

How could I EVER stretch to take this next big step?

How I will keep my life balanced?

I am a bit uncomfortable as I even consider taking this next step - it’s huge!

Ok, want to know what it is??

I’m thinking about getting part time office space. *!GASP!*

Office Space!! What’s a Work at Home Mom to do???!!!

I’ve been able to manage the coaching part at home just fine. Even when my daughter interrupts the call, thanks to this blog it actually gives me a little ’street cred’. :)

But intervention work, in order to get the maximum impact, must be done in person - and an intervention session can be an all day event. In fact, I have one set for this Sunday, and I don’t really know what the heck I am going to do. I can’t have the whole family interrupting this session.

My business is growing so fast and… well, I’ll admit it:

It’s not easy keeping up with it all. :)

I could focus on this in two ways :

  1. I could go into overwhelm mode, let details slip through the cracks, and sabotage my newfound success
  2. I could go into gratitude mode, loving the fact that I have great problems to have, and reaffirm that all I need is within me now

OK, I’ll admit it - I’m doing a little of both ;) But now that I just realized this as I typed it, I’m already moving more towards #2.

Time to get more focused and organized. Time to ask myself some good questions to access better resources…

OK, I’m totally coming up with these off of the cuff - and then I must get back to work!

  • What resources do I have already in my life that I can tap into that will help me carve off some of my time-consuming responsibilites?
    • I have someone who volunteered to help run the BlogJolt. I’m going to write her today and ask what she can do.
    • I have an acquaintence who is a highly accomplished, multi-millionaire business owner. He offered to coach me in my business. Why the flip I didn’t set up a time with him immediately, I don’t know, but I am emailing him as soon as this post is finished!
    • We are doing really well financially right now. I can afford to hire someone to clean the house. Done.
    • My friend Marla has offered to share office space - I asked her to do the research earlier today. Her practice, though slightly different than mine, is a good match, and she’s more than happy to help. She rocks. :)
  • How can I take a different approach to my commitments in the coming weeks - one that will allow me a little more flexibility as new opportunities arise so darn fast?
    • I will be more mindful of how I phrase my commitments, which will allow me to ensure my time is available for new clients as they come my way
    • I will spend some time getting more in touch with my goals. I’ve been doing a lot of promotion and marketing - and my daily tasks will have to change as I transition into doing more client work. My previous commitments locked me into marketing - it’s time to loosen up on that (not entirely, just a little bit!!)
  • What is the most resourceful state I can be in today as I face a huge deadline and a huge to-do list?
    • The last day or two I have been focusing on what I feel like I can’t get done. And I wasn’t even conscious of that until just now. That’s not what I want to be focusing on. So let me use a little NLP on myself…
    • I will take time right now to remember a time when I accomplished a massive amount of work in a small amount of time. A time when I surprised even myself with what I was able to do.
      • I’ll think of that time now
      • I’ll get a picture of it
      • I’ll sit the way I sat when I got everything done
      • I’ll breathe the way I breathed when I got everything done
      • I’ll say the things to myself that I said then when I got everything done

I’ll massively get in touch with exactly how this feels and then…

I’m going to get everything done.

Off I go! :)

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4 Comments on “Pondering UNThinkable Steps to Growth in Overwhelm Mode”

  1. katiebird Says:

    (Whew) We’re right behind you…..

    It’s amazing how many things we have to do when we’re enthused about our plans. The ideas just keep growing and growing.

    I love the clear way you articulate the process.

  2. Char Says:

    I am in a similar situation - I am swamped and in a good way. I am not contemplating an office rather whether I should hire someone to take on some of my overflow work.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    It is very easy to get overwhelmed when you work at home. What makes me most grateful is the ability to have a flexible schedule for those times when it’s necessary.

  4. cjcm Says:

    I am only 4 months into blogging and have turned into sem-pro…and I am overwhelmed with new ideas…. and new things to do. I am working on a time table of fixed schedule to make sure all that need to be done ARE done. But then its so easy to deviate.. :)