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BlogJolt XXII - Shannon’s MommyInc.

Mommy, Inc.Shannon Cherry’s Mommy, Inc. highlights the musings of this mompreneur with twin girls, who just turned one last Friday. Besides her own ideas, Shannon also shares what she calls ’survival tips’ for other moms who work at home and try to balance it all, including frugal ideas, make-ahead meals, business promotion ideas and success secrets from other moms, there’s sure to be something for every mom.

BlogJolt XXI - Revka’s Little Fun - Little Learning

Little Fun; Little LearningRevka’s blog focuses on fun activities and educational ideas for the “littles” (children ages 0-5). Little Fun; Little Learning not only offers complete on-site projects/ideas but also provides links to valuable resources at other sites.

A note for those of you that don’t often visit Blogspot blogs - the permalink to Revka’s posts can be found in the timestamp in the post footers. :)

BlogJolt XX - Maricar’s Keeping the Castle

Welcome to our 20th BlogJolt! As a celebration for this milestone, let’s shoot for 30 links to Maricar’s blog, Keeping the Castle. With 30 links under our belt, we can get back to two weekly joltees!

Keeping the CastleIn Maricar’s words, Keeping the Castle is… “In a nutshell, the blog is about housekeeping and homemaking. I enjoy finding articles and resources that will make the homemaker’s life easier, more relaxed and even more fun. I write about tips on cooking, cleaning, organizing, home decor and everything else in between. I also throw in product and book reviews once in a while. I’m no expert homemaker; I’ve learned a lot while writing this blog. I hope you’ll join me “where everyone’s at home”.”

BlogJolt XIX - NatureMoms: A Natural Family Life

For our 19th BlogJolt, please welcome Tiffany and Erin’s NatureMoms blog.

Here you will find the random thoughts and experiences of several moms trying to live a more natural family life, for us and for the planet. Everything we need for health and happiness can be found in nature. So pull up a comfy chair….grab a cup of organic green tea….or a bit of fair trade certified chocolate…and read about the journey. On this blog they talk about natural family living, green homes and products, health, and political issues that affect your health and wellness.