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BlogJolt IX - Robyn and Angel

Two GREAT blogs this week are up!

Robyn TippinsI’m so pleased that this week Robyn Tippins finally gets her turn to be BlogJolted. I found out about a group called the LinkedIn Bloggers through Robyn and she has just taken on a new blogging gig with b5media at InsideMotherhood. I started the BlogJolt project because of the LinkedIn Bloggers, so everyone please thank Robyn for being the seed idea for bringing this project together!


Angel Cope Angel Cope also gets her turn with her blog at 1SmartMom, a site where moms can find the sources they need to help them with parenting, to be inspired, and to help you be a better mom.


Here’s the scoop :

If your last name starts with the letters A-L, jolt Angel.

If your last name starts with the letters M-Z, jolt Robyn.

BlogJolt VIII - Rebecca in Ireland and Salty Kelly!

This week we have two great blogs to jolt:

Rebecca :: Irish CraftworkerRebecca our Irish Craftworker has her turn with her dreamy blog about living in rural Ireland, and living and creating an artful life.


Kelly is Blended with SaltKelly is also up with her Blended with Salt blog on ClubMom about the unique challenges of raising a teenager and a toddler who have different fathers, and the balancing act of co-parenting long distance.


I want to personally thank everyone for making our last BlogJolt a resounding success! Everyone really stepped up and did a great job ensuring that our joltees got the great traffic boost they deserved!

If your last name begins with A - L, please jolt Kelly.

If your last name begins with M-Z, please jolt Rebecca.

BlogJolt VII - Jill and Jamie are up for a Double Header

I’m SO pleased that we have grown so fast that we are now taking on TWO Blogs per week!

Jill KoenigJill Koenig is up with her Goal Blog :: Goal Blog, Goal Tips, Goal Setting, & Time Management for Superachievers



Blonde Jamie

Jamie is up with BlondeMomBlog :: Simply choosing to ignore the sticky handprints and dog hair



So the new Rules of Engagement are as follows:

If your last name begins with letters A-L, please BlogJolt Jill.

If your last name begins with letters M-Z, please BlogJolt Jamie.

Please drop me a line if this is getting complicated and you need help ;)

BlogJolt VI - Aurelia Williams’ Blog

Real Life Solutions from Aurelia WilliamsWelcome to our 6th BlogJolt everyone! Let’s try to get 30+ links to Aurelia’s Blog this week - and if we can reach this goal we can target TWO blogs next week!

At Aurelia Williams’ Blog you will find many resources, articles and support to help you deal with and work through today’s tough issues that we face as being a woman, mother and companion.

Her goal is help women lead an emotionally & physically healthier, more productive and less stressful life.

Sit back and relax and be sure to leave your comments.