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BlogJolt XVII - Anne-Marie’s A Readable Feast

Ann-Marie writes a Readable Feast!If you like to visit all the BlogJolts, you’re familiar with Anne-Marie. What may surprise you is that this week’s BlogJolt is her, A Readable Feast, blog. Anne-Marie (of boundless energy) writes for a half-dozen blogs (have you found the one with her caricature?) and she often links her signature to one of those other blogs.
Us? We like them all.

A Readable Feast shows parents how sharing books with children and doing activities like cooking and crafts help families stay connected. And we love that mission.

BlogJolt XVI - Katiebird’s Eat4Today

Katiebird!Catherine Hendricks (lovingly known as KatieBird!) is up for our BlogJoltee of the week with her Eat4Today Blog.

I’m hoping to get a little more momentum for everyone in the hopes that KatieBird gets a big jolt – she’s been one of my own favorite blog readers and I am SO pleased that she is finally getting her turn to be jolted – she really deserves the attention!


Next week there will be no BlogJolt due to the Thanksgiving holiday. So hopefully that just means you all have plenty of time to jolt KatieBird ;) !!

The info on Eat4Today:

“I’ve read that we can be more successful keeping weight off if we do it with a support group. It can be something formal, like Weight Watchers. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be friends who regularly talk about nutrition issues and it can be an online group.

Eat4Today is an online support group specifically for that purpose. So many of us have lost substantial amounts of weight only to gain it back as soon as the focus is gone. I’m hoping that together, we can keep our focus and lose the weight forever.”

BlogJolt XV - Miscellaneous Mum

Karen AndrewsMiscellaneous Mum is Karen’s blog attempting to make sense of parenthood, womanhood, childhood and the world at large. She hopes for it to one-day be a platform for her writing career, once she moves past the time consumption that nappy changing and breastfeeding creates. Any comments would be welcome. If nothing else, you’ll discover how the mind of an Aussie Mum works!