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BlogJolt V - Kuanyin’s Who’s Yo Mama Blog

Kuanyin from MauiThis week’s BlogJolt is Kuanyin’s Who’s Yo Mama Blog. Kuanyin lives on Maui and writes about life in Hawaii, her interests in the healing arts, and her blog has a seal of approval as part of “The Hawai’I Directory”.

BlogJolt IV - Whitney + Heather’s RookieMoms Blog

RookieMomsWelcome to week 4 BlogJolters! This week we are working feverishly to jolt Whitney and Heather’s RookieMoms Blog. The story of RookieMoms:

“When I was on maternity leave after my son was born, I was surprised and embarrassed to find out how boring spending all day with a tiny baby could be.  I fancy myself a pretty creative person and didn’t think I should be at a loss for what to do.  I started with a friend when we challenged ourselves to come up with one activity for every day of the first year of a baby’s life. The activities are meant to be enjoyable for mom and help her get out of the house.  We consider it a quirky guide to the first year of motherhood.”

Jolt away, everyone!

BlogJolt III - Kammie Kobyleski’s Passion Meets Purpose Blog

Kammie K!Welcome to week three BlogJolters! This week Kammie is up with Passion Meets Purpose. She blogs on spirituality, laws of attraction, focus, being present, uncovering your unique gifts, strategies for balanced living, health, wealth, prosperity and FUN! Get creative and FUN with your posts linking to Kammie and share in the LOVE!

BlogJolt II - Margo Kahnrose’s Of Fish and Family Blog

Of Fish and FamilyWelcome to BlogJolt II - Margo Kahnrose’s Of Fish and Family. Margo’s blog, in her words is, “like lots of mommy-blogs, about my kids and my relationship with my husband.  But it’s not a daily record of every little thing I’ve done with my time.  Rather, I post specific stories, one-topic per post, and I pare the content down to the stuff I feel is truly significant, truly funny, or truly universally-applicable.”

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