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BlogJolt XIV - Nola Cooper’s The Classic Life Editor’s Blog

Nola CooperThis week Nola’s The Classic Life Magazine Editor’s Blog is up.

The Classic Life Editor’s Blog was created as a way for Nola to interact with her readers at the magazine.  By providing tips, advice, recipes, and general insight for today’s parents.
Blog away everyone! :)

BlogJolt XIII - Your Elegant Bed & Bath

Hey all you wonderful bloggers! This week Sharon’s turn is up with her “Your Elegant Bed and Bath Blog.”

She posts on new ideas and trends for home decorating or remodeling. Sharon also likes to find new ideas for “green” living. The blog evolved from mainly bedroom and bathroom trends but she has now expanded the topics she writes about.

If we can get participation back up to 30+ links to Sharon’s blog, we can go back to jolting two blogs per week, so have at it, everyone!

BlogJolt XII - Holly Schwendiman’s Holly’s Corner

Holly SchwendimanOur wonderful Holly finally gets her turn this week - and it’s about time too, as I believe she has jolted other members every single time (and sometimes on multiple occasions!!)!

Holly’s Corner Blog is a reflection of her personal journey to making her life a masterpiece.  She thinks there is a divine spark of greatness in all of us.  Her goal is to discover her own and share what she learns and does along the way.

BlogJolt XI - Liz Smith’s Bebestages

BebestagesHey everyone - we are going to move back to one blog a week until participation goes back up a bit - I want to ensure our target blogs get all the attention they deserve!

This week Liz Smith has her turn with her Bebestages blog.

Bebestages was created out of the passion of a soon to be stay at home mom. While anticipating the arrival of her second child, Liz knew it would be best that she be at home. Since having her first child she knew she could share with others the ups and downs of parenting. In addition to sharing personal endeavors and advice this weblog provides fun projects, links to great web finds and quick tips for parents from parents to take away and enjoy with their little ones.

BlogJolt X - Earl and Lynn

A week of firsts: Earl is our first DADDY blogger to be BlogJolted, and Lynn was the very first person to sign up for the eMoms BlogJolt way back on July 26th!

Red the BarberEarl’s blog Red’s Review is about life… married life, life as a father, life at work, life on the go and the things he finds interesting.

Lynn DeVries Lynn’s blog Adornments by Lynn discusses jewelry design and everyday life, mixed with a bit of humor.

You know the drill by now:

If your last name starts with the letters A-L, jolt Earl.

If your last name starts with the letters M-Z, jolt Lynn.