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Thanks for Participating!

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Thanks to all of the wonderful moms who participated in the BlogJolt over the 10 months we spent together. Feel free to visit the great mom blogs below!

BlogJolt XXVIII - Darlene’s Mom-Defrazzler Blog

Mom DefrazzlerThis week’s BlogJolt is the “Mom-Defrazzler” blog: all about making life easier for moms, baby-step by baby-step. Each month we tackle a single area of life for moms and walk through it together.

This month there is a new and different project. Darlene is conducting a one-month challenge to all moms to make a difference in the lives of mothers in third-world, poverty and AIDS-stricken countries. She has something for every time and financial constraint (less than one minute, and $0 up to long-term financial and time commitments).

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Home Business

BlogJolt XXVII - Tasra’s Lessons from the Scrapbook Page

This weeks BlogJolt — XXVII — is Tasra Dawson’s Lessons from the Scrapbook Page.

You might think of her as a blogger, but she’s so much more: author, video podcaster, personal discovery coach & speaker — she’s got a lot of information to share with us. Lessons from the Scrapbook Page is the Blog that helps people get inspired to take back their time, find balance, liberate their creativity, and pursue their passions.

And to make your visit easy — some recent popular posts are:

How to Get Your Photos Organized: Real Women Scrap TV - Episode 1

Living An Organized Life: Real Women Scrap TV – Episode 2

Getting Started in Scrapbooking

Moments Worth Saving

Scrapbook Bag Book Instructions

Time to Let Go

Making Time for Personal Retreat

Do you have “real beauty”?

BlogJolt XXVI - Kristy Shreve Powers, Home of the Busy Mama’s Guides

Busy Mama's GuidesThis weeks BlogJolt is Kristy Shreve Powers, Home of the Busy Mama’s Guides.

Kristy has the answers:

What busy mama has half an hour to read up on an interest of hers or find an answer to a question about diapering her baby? Not one that I know. Busy Mama’s Guides are a series of (short) articles that can be read before the baby eats another CD, on subjects like health, food, baby, simplicity, relationships, holiday activities, and more.

And to get us off to a quick start, she’s sent us links to several Jolt-worthy posts. With topics like these ALL 125 of us should find something interesting:

Busy Mama’s Guide to Discovering Cloth Diapers

Busy Mama’s Guide to Choosing Simple

Busy Mama’s Guide to Baby’s First Birthday:

Busy Mama’s Guide to Being a Good Listener…Or Shutting People Up

Busy Mama’s Guide to Cheap & Easy Recipes Transformed:

(But Feel free to Jolt whatever you want. Me? I’m going to post a jolt to Busy Mama’s Featured Link - Hillbilly Housewife )

We’re now using Mr. Linky to make tracking easier! Just pop your name and permalink to your post with Kristy’s link into the widget below! :)

BlogJolt XXV - Kerri Aldrich’s PlayLibrary Blog

Play LibraryThis weeks BlogJolt is Kerri Aldrich’s PlayLibrary. And I think you’ll really enjoy the chance to explore the activities on this site. Kerri says it best:

Play Library is written by Kerri Aldrich and Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei. We write about everything and anything that might be fun to do with your kids, or that your children might find entertaining, as well as share bits of news and information that might be helpful for parents and caregivers to know. We have a fun time writing, and love the participation and involvement of our readers! Play Library : Two mommies chatting about kids’ toys, games, books, and just fun stuff to do.

BlogJolt XXIV - Tracy Ebert’s MomsNiche Blog

Mom's NicheTracy’s Mom’s Niche Blog is one mom’s attempt to help out her fellow band of moms in the quest to successfully parent her children, save money and better organize her life!  Tracy provides daily recipes, organizational tips, parenting articles with some funny anecdotes thrown in for good measure.

BlogJolt XXIII - Jenny’s Bath Body Junky

Bath Body Junky is a Washington, DC based blog that is all about creating an affordable at home spa retreat by pampering the mind, body and soul. It’s a useful bath and body blog that provides great articles that consist of data on research on the topic of key benefits related with specific bath and body ingredients. Jenny, the Bath Body Junky focuses the blog’s articles on how to care for skin, how to look younger and how to create the home spa retreat that all women deserve.

Sample articles include: Enjoy the Skin Benefits of Omega-3s; Acne-Fighting Foods for Better Skin Health; Discover the Benefits of Coconut il and Make Your Smooth Skin GLOW with Grapeseed Oil.

BlogJolt XXII - Shannon’s MommyInc.

Mommy, Inc.Shannon Cherry’s Mommy, Inc. highlights the musings of this mompreneur with twin girls, who just turned one last Friday. Besides her own ideas, Shannon also shares what she calls ’survival tips’ for other moms who work at home and try to balance it all, including frugal ideas, make-ahead meals, business promotion ideas and success secrets from other moms, there’s sure to be something for every mom.

BlogJolt XXI - Revka’s Little Fun - Little Learning

Little Fun; Little LearningRevka’s blog focuses on fun activities and educational ideas for the “littles” (children ages 0-5). Little Fun; Little Learning not only offers complete on-site projects/ideas but also provides links to valuable resources at other sites.

A note for those of you that don’t often visit Blogspot blogs - the permalink to Revka’s posts can be found in the timestamp in the post footers. :)

BlogJolt XX - Maricar’s Keeping the Castle

Welcome to our 20th BlogJolt! As a celebration for this milestone, let’s shoot for 30 links to Maricar’s blog, Keeping the Castle. With 30 links under our belt, we can get back to two weekly joltees!

Keeping the CastleIn Maricar’s words, Keeping the Castle is… “In a nutshell, the blog is about housekeeping and homemaking. I enjoy finding articles and resources that will make the homemaker’s life easier, more relaxed and even more fun. I write about tips on cooking, cleaning, organizing, home decor and everything else in between. I also throw in product and book reviews once in a while. I’m no expert homemaker; I’ve learned a lot while writing this blog. I hope you’ll join me “where everyone’s at home”.”