BlogJolt was founded by Wendy Piersall, and based on the success of the LinkedIn Bloggers group on Yahoo!

We are a group of women bloggers who are working together to increase traffic and visibility for each other in the blogging community. Although we are mostly moms, anyone is welcome to join our project who owns a blog that is a topic of general interest to moms. Even non-bloggers are welcome if they have an interest in setting up a blog in the future.

A BlogJolt is a weekly coordinated effort to flood a Target Blog with inbound links and traffic from the rest of the members of our BlogJolt Group.

Wendy Piersall is a serial momtrepreneur who is passionate about self-help, adding value, and living a balanced and extraordinary life. She mainly writes at:

eMoms at Home
A blog for starting, running, and succeeding in your home based business