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Need SEO Mini Lessons? Get Ponn!


Ponn Sabra is a total kindred ‘eMom’ spirit: mother, author, entrepreneur, blogger, and internet marketer. She’s also put together an in-depth series of 15 posts on an Search Engine Optimization for Women Entrepreneurs People.

Here’s a roundup of her posts, suitable for both the absolute beginner as well as the experienced internet entrepreneur:

Part 1 - Page Optimization

Part 2 - Subscription Feeds & Bookmark Tabs

Part 3 - Article Submission and Distribution

Part 4 - Building Reference Pages

Part 5 - Republishing Feeds/Blogging on Limited Time

Part 6 - Technorati Tags

Part 7 - Setting Blog Traffic Goals and Reaching Them

Part 7a - Tag Clouds

Part 8 - Link Exchange Directories

Part 9 - Search Engine Current Tips, Tools & Techniques

Part 10 - Press Release Distribution Websites

Part 11 - Blog Directories

Part 12 - Link Text

Part 13 - SEO Tools

Part 14 - Sound HTML coding practices

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Is Your Blog Template the Reason You’re Still on the B-List?


Ah, my very last guest post over at ProBlogger today: Is Your Blog Template Holding You Back?

When I rolled out this site redesign, the completely unexpected and biggest bonus I got was a bump in SEO traffic - as in, a 300% bump in traffic!!

So I conducted an ‘internal investigation’ - and the ProBlogger post will help you determine if your blog template is putting the squeeze on the SEO juice to your site.

Plus, this week during the eMoms Birthday Party Contest, we’re giving away a free SEO optimized site redesign from Shazia Mistry! So you don’t even have to understand this stuff in order to get in on the action! :D

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The Top Ten Hottest Moms in Search Engine Marketing


Who are the working superstar moms in SEO? The ones with the talent, knowledge and street cred to continue to push the envelope of innovation? The moms who can rank well on Google and with their families?! Though it took me hours to locate these talented ladies, I’m pleased to introduce you to the hottest of the hot role models, the ground-breakers in the industry.

In no particular order, here are the Top 10 Hottest Moms in SEO:

10 :: Gillian Muessig

Why is she hot?

Gillian Muessig is President and Co-Founder of SEOMoz, and has been in the internet marketing space since 1993 (and traditional marketing for longer). SEOMoz is one of the most prominent SEO blogs on the internet, and they serve up their SEO services to heavyweights such as Gillian is also mom to SEOMoz Co-Founder Rand Fishkin - so it’s safe to say that SEO truly runs in this mother’s blood!

9 :: Stacy Williams

Why is she hot?

Stacy Williams is Managing Partner at Prominent Placement, a company I must point out has an impressive lineup of female employees in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Stacy is also a nationally recognized leader in SEO, and is speaking at the Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference this week (along with many others on this list!!).

8 :: Debra Mastaler

Why is she hot?

Debra O’Neil-Mastaler is President of Alliance-Link, a company specializing in link building strategy. Debra is also an accomplished speaker and trainer, teaching seminars for High Rankings and SES. Debra can also be found in the blogosphere at TheLinkSpiel.

7 :: Karon Thackston

Why is she hot?

Karon Thackston is a leading Copywriter specializing in writing for the web with her company MarketingWords. She also frequently teaches SEO Copywriting in seminars around the country. You can start tapping Karon’s knowledge with her online article library or catch up with her at Jill Whalen’s Search Engine Marketing Seminar in June!

6 :: Rae Hoffman

Why is she hot?

Rae Hoffman of SugarRae, like many other moms, fell into internet marketing by accident. But Rae’s story is not like a lot of other moms, in that her son’s stroke at the age of 2 weeks necessitated a crash course in navigating the web in 1997. Yet Rae, like any real hero, has turned her obstacle into an opportunity, and now she is one of the leading experts in SEO, reminding everyone to “Never mess with a woman who can pull rank!”

5 :: Nina Hale

Why is she hot?

Nina Hale runs her own firm, Nina Hale Consulting. Nina is a prominent face in the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association and works with companies such as Hazelden, a personal favorite as they are one of the leading alcoholism and drug addiction treatment centers in the nation.

4 :: Kim Krause Berg

Why is she hot?

Kim Krause Berg writes on one of the most prominent woman-authored SEO blogs at Cre8pc. She also writes for just about every other SEO publication on the planet, including Search Engine Guide, High Rankings, WebProNews, Search Engine Round Table and SearchNewz. She’s also one of just a few work at home moms who mixes SEO and family on her blog, which makes Cre8pc a must read for any mom who gets riled up about Google juice (like me!!).

3 :: Jennifer Laycock

Why is she hot?

Jennifer Laycock is the Editor of Search Engine Guide, which is one of the best resources for SEO on the internet specifically for small business. She also rose to fame earlier this year when she took on big business with her personal blog, The Lactivist, when they didn’t like her pro-breastfeeding t-shirts “The Other White Milk”. Jennifer can be found writing about SEO nearly everywhere online, and is also a frequent speaker at SES.

2 :: Jill Whalen

Why is she hot?

Jill Whalen owns HighRankings, which is one of the leading SEO firms led by a woman, period. Jill writes for most of the leading SEO publications, including WebProNews, SearchNewz, ClickZ,, and Lycos Small Business as well as her blog, InspiredSEO. I also heard of her well before I ever became a blogger, so she’s got some serious brand recognition. Some of her SEO clients include Procter & Gamble and Geico, and her speaking engagement list is nearly a mile long - this mama knows her stuff!

1 :: Jennifer Slegg

Why is she hot?

Jennifer Slegg of JenSense fame is arguably the leader of the pack when it comes to SEO moms. She is also one of the most respected experts in contextual advertising, and her podcast on WebmasterRadio on the subject is one of the most listened to shows on the site. Also known as “Jenstar“, Jennifer can flaunt some pretty serious street cred among the big boys in the industry - as voted by her peers (check out those poll results)!

Although she’s not a mom (I think…), I also want to give a special shout out to Li Evans of Search Marketing Gurus, whose Women of Internet Marketing series was an exceptional resource in putting this list together (and is a great read, too!). Thanks Li!

For more superstar Moms, check out the Top 100 Mom Blogs!

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Using your Head and Heart to Make Business Decisions


Kelly King Anderson

Kelly King Anderson writes about entrepreneurship, parenting, and internet marketing at one of my favorite blogs,

Recently a friend asked me, “What does your heart say?” when I was faced with a very challenging business decision. Instantly I gave her my reply…Of course, I knew the answer, but I wasn’t trusting myself—instead I was asking her, “what should I do?” I wasn’t ready to embrace the next step and put my “heart into action.”

Sometimes following your heart is very scary and overwhelming—this was the case for me. My friend “held my hand” over the phone as I confronted my fears and even mourned for the loss of my big dream being redefined. Following my heart meant I had to turn off the fire of a start up I had worked on for two years (and won 2nd place at a national MBA business plan competition) and turn on the fire of another business (Start Up Princess) begging for my attention. It meant saying “no” to dreams and saying “yes” to unknowns and creating new dreams…redefining who I wanted to be and where I wanted to focus my time, energy, and resources.

Once I got through the next couple of days of telling my board of advisors and mentors my new plans and taking the huge leap of faith, things settled down and I began to feel more peaceful about life. I believe that peace is your inner voice telling you “you’ve done good, real good.” Now I’m asking my heart, “what’s the next step?” and trying to pay close attention!

So, my challenge to you is…what does your heart say? Is there a decision you’ve been putting off? Is there a feeling nagging at you? Now have the courage to listen and act upon those feelings. Once you respond to the pleadings of your heart, you’ll feel peace again and no doubt you’ll be headed in the right direction. Your heart knows best.


Kelly King Anderson is the Founder of Start Up, a site dedicated to women entrepreneurs. Kelly is passionate about helping others succeed and believes all people have every gift, talent, and ability to make their dreams come true, they just need a little encouragement and a great network. Kelly and her prince, Matt try to live happily ever after with their three young children.


PS :: ILoveBlog Contest


I Love BlogMy bad!! When I reviewed last week, I totally forgot to mention they are having their own contest right now!

Specifically, they and their parent company Exabytes are looking for:

::Well-written content
::Best utilized functionality of the ILoveBlog blogging platform

Each month they are giving away $100 from now through the end of August. That’s definitely incentive to give them a try if you’re interested! :D Web Hosting $6.95

eMoms Birthday Party Contest - Week 1 Winners


eMoms Birthday Party ContestLast week I launched the eMoms Birthday Party Contest and started tracking names for prizes. I eased into the month with three prizes:

  • The book Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins and donated by Kris Jones from PepperJam
  • The book Meet and Grow Rich by Joe Vitale and Bill Hibbler
  • A $500 Coupon off of a ticket to Elite Retreat donated by the Elite Retreat founders themselves!

Everyone who linked to this blog last week automatically won the Elite Retreat Coupon - but not all of you have contact info on your blogs! So email me via my contact form and I will send you the instructions on how to get your discount.

The way that winners were selected was by pulling a search in Technorati for links posted in the last week (through April 7th). Splogs did not qualify. I created a numbered list of the 45 entries, then used a random number generator to select the two book winners:

Congrats, guys!!

This week the contest heats up as we celebrate SEO Week. We’re up to 5 more prizes, so get your links posted to be eligible to win:

IMPORTANT Clarifying Fine Print

Any link posted in the month of April will allow you to enter any weekly giveaway prize. You don’t need to post a new link every week to enter, but the earlier you link, the better your chances of winning.

Shoemoney and eMom!In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize consultation with Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Shoemaker, you must be subscribed to the eMoms at Home Feed. There is a special link in the feed to a page with instructions on how to enter the Grand Prize drawing. Only ONE person has entered this drawing so far, so get your entries in!

That drawing will be held on May 1, 2007.

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Monday Motivation :: GTD Today!


Monday MotivationIt’s Monday, and I’m PROUD to say that after writing about my lack of work life balance lately, I took almost the whole weekend off! But that means today we must ‘git down to bizness’, and Get Things Done.

The rules are simple - let us know what you will get done by the end of the day today, and then let us know what you will have to do if you don’t keep your word!

For example, here is my To Do List for the day today:

  1. Clean out my inbox (it never FLIPPING ends!!!)
  2. Send emails to two interviewees
  3. Write my final guest post at Evan Carmichael’s Mastermind Group Blog
  4. 3 loads of laundry (ah, yes, the sexy life I lead!!)
  5. Call Gayla
  6. Call Lisa
  7. Backup my blog database

If I don’t get all of this done by the time I go to bed tonight, I will wash and detail my husband’s car this weekend, including shampooing the carpet ( :P ).

Char is already getting stuff done - you can play along by throwing up your own blog post, or by simply leaving a comment.

Then go get busy!

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Toronto Readers :: Meet Darren Rowse!


Darren Rowse from ProBloggerDarren Rowse of ProBlogger just announced today that he is putting on a Toronto Bloggers Meetup on Tuesday the 10th. It’s last minute, but I know from my Google stats that I have a surprisingly large amount of Toronto readers.

So hopefully you can clear your calendar and get out of the house to meet some fellow bloggers. I wish it were closer, because I would be there myself if I could!!

Learn Affiliate Marketing from Rosalind Gardner
She Raked in $436,797 Online in One Year!

A Peek Into the Life of a Work at Home Mom


Joe Hauckes has been writing on his blog, “Working at Home on the Internet” for nearly as long as I have. You might be interested in heading over there to read a recent interview he did with me about what it is REALLY like to run a home business.

But you’ll probably want to stick around over there, because Joe has some pretty extensive resources for work at home parents.


Kicking Off SEO Week with Search Engine Guide


eMoms Birthday Party ContestI mentioned earlier that next week we’ll be focusing on Search Engine Optimization as part of the eMoms Birthday Party Contest (which is turning into a mini Elite Retreat!)

As fate would have it, a perfect synchronization of events have taken place, and I’m thrilled to announce that Search Engine Guide is a new sponsor of eMoms at Home. This couldn’t be a more perfect pairing of companies, as SEG is one of the most comprehensive and excellent resources on the internet for search marketing advice for small business, plus it’s one of my daily reads. They offer a ton of value, and I couldn’t recommend their blog or their forum more highly!

Editor Jennifer Laycock is also a fellow work at home mom, and I swear we exchanged about 50 emails this week getting to know each other better. You may know her from the infamous Pork Board lawsuit against her blog, The Lactivist (which had a very happy ending, by the way).

So, what do you have to look forward to during SEO Week? The prizes just keep getting better!

First and foremost :: The Content

  • An interview with the SEO Guru herself, Jennifer Laycock
  • An interview with Chris Pearson and Sarah Lewis on the SEO implications in template design (my final guest post over at ProBlogger)
  • A feature of the super-star moms and women in the SEO industry

Next up :: The Goods

For contest entry information, read the Contest Announcement Post