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Moo MiniCards


If you read more than one of the blogs here at the eMoms at Home Internet Home Business Magazine, you may have noticed that we’re all pimping the extremely cool Moo MiniCards.  Perhaps we can blame it all on Halloween, but these little suckers have obviously sucked our brains and turned us into Moo-Militia Zombies (yes, I made that term up).

I should probably come at this as an addendum to Tamara’s earlier post on Marketing Your Freelance Business Locally, but I’d pretty much be saying “blah, blah, blah” when I really just want to tell you about how fun these things are!  We’re not getting paid to talk about Moo or anything, but we all did recently order our very own Moo MiniCards.  They’re just so freaking neat that we can’t stop talking about them.  Each card is about 1″ (28 mm) by 2.75″ (70 mm) and is on a nice heavy stock paper.  You can use them as business cards, gift tags, announcements, invitations, and a bunch of other stuff.  I like the idea of attaching them to my craft projects before I give them away. 

OK, so the cool thing is that you can put your own pictures on one side of the card and add a message or contact information or whatever on the other side.  These can be your very own digital pictures from your Flickr account.  Because of the dimensions of the card, your pictures generally get cropped into very attractive arrangements that you can totally pretend you did on purpose because you’re just that artsy and talented. 

The really, really cool part is that you can use up to 100 different pictures in a box of 100 cards.  That means you could have all of the cards have the same picture, every single one could have a different image, or something in between.  Tell me this doesn’t appeal wildly to you freelance photographers out there.  In fact, when I interviewed Josh Smith a couple of weeks ago, he gave me a Moo MiniCard as his business card, and it was gorgeous.

Tamara and I ordered our Moo MiniCards (gosh, I feel like I’m writing an SEO ad description for one of my clients - must be a professional hazard) to use as business cards, too.  We didn’t have a high-enough quality version of our logo, so we decided to just go with some really pretty pictures that I took this spring.  The novelty of the size and the images ought to catch our clients’ attention.

So, now that I’ve told you all about how cool the cards are, I’m going to share our super-special discount code with you, too.  If you order two boxes of the cards (which really are quite reasonbly priced, I think), you get a third box free.  Just set up your order so all three boxes are in the shopping cart, and then enter the code H7V7BK, and it’ll calculate the discount for you.  The code will work until November 30th.

By the way, they also have really cools stickers, cards, and post cards, too.  I can think of tons of uses for these in your freelance business!

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    On October 31st, 2007 at 9:56 pm, Naomi Dunford said:

    Lorna! You rule! I was looking for an excuse to buy these and now you’ve given me one.

    Aren’t they gorgeous!?

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