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Using a Blog to Grow Your Business


Yesterday we took a look at how this particular blog has benefited our freelance business. Today we want to focus on how it’s not helping our business and what we plan to do about that.
When I say “how it’s not helping our business,” I’m not implying that it is hurting us. While it’s true that […]

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Does Your Freelance Business Need a Blog?


Aside from the fact that we rely heavily on our partnership, Tamara and I believe that this blog is the biggest factor in our current success as freelance writers.  There are the obvious benefits of using it to market our business, of course, but there’s so much more to it. 
I know you may find […]

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Shane and Peter’s Interview


Tamara and I just love the Shane and Peter blog, so when they posted some introspective interview questions, we totally wanted to get involved. Basically, they’re asking entrepreneurs to answer the following questions, and they’re offering some recognition and maybe even a free book to some of the respondents. That’s cool and all, but Tamara […]

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The Value of Bartering Your Freelance Services


What would you do if you were about to start a freelance business, and money were no object? OK, some people would just skip starting the business altogether if money were no object, so let’s pretend that you’ve been given a whole bunch of cash for the explicit purpose of starting a freelance company. What […]

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Promote Your Small Business


As some of you may know, I also maintain a blog called Something Good over at Livejournal.  It’s been running for a little over a year, and it sort of my pet project (in that I love it even if I don’t have enough time for it and the overall sense of satisfaction I get […]

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Moo MiniCards


If you read more than one of the blogs here at the eMoms at Home Internet Home Business Magazine, you may have noticed that we’re all pimping the extremely cool Moo MiniCards.  Perhaps we can blame it all on Halloween, but these little suckers have obviously sucked our brains and turned us into Moo-Militia Zombies […]

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