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Job Posting :: Chicago-based Email Marketing Coordinator


One of the other paying gigs that has landed in my lap recently is a recruiting job from one of my old clients (I used to do a lot of recruiting work in the online marketing niche for Chicago companies).
I’m working on behalf of my client to find an Email Marketing Coordinator to work in […]

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A Productive and Organized Home Office


I haven’t talked much about my own home office, mostly because it has been under construction for a few months. For a while there, I was even breaking my own work at home rule by working in the living room with SpongeBob songs in the background. But that was at least better than working in […]

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But What if I Don’t Want to be an Entrepreneur?


I know that I focus a lot on starting up your own business here on my site, simply because I can’t seem to stop myself from starting up businesses (I swore off of them last time… I think I need EA meetings… Hi, my name is Wendy, I’m an Entreprenur Addict…)
Anyway, I know there are […]

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New Work at Home Articles Section Coming Soon


I was up until the wee hours of the morning last night to meet my own self-imposed deadline to have three new articles written for the eMoms at Home site. The topics include:
The Top 10 Personal Barriers to Professional Success
The Top 10 Work at Home Key Success Ingredients
Secrets to Faster Blogging Success
I just need some […]

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New eMoms Home Office Store


Well, in a quick little brainstorm, I decided to add an affiliate store to the eMoms at Home site. The site is getting great traffic based on what I am writing about, and it seems silly to just have it be a blog sitting here. I’m working at home to make money from home, and […]

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Clutter in the Home Office


Ah, a topic near and not-too-dear to my heart. Clutter. I don’t just have it in my home office, I got it everywhere! Well, actually, I will admit in all fairness that my home is much less cluttered than ever before in my life. This is mostly due to the fact that we finally have […]

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