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Halloween Craft: Handprint Spiders


We’ve been very busy around here decorating for Halloween! If you’re just tuning in, we’ve already painted pumpkins and made ghosts out of tissue paper. But we decided we needed more Halloween decorations. So to add to our Halloween decor, we made spiders last night. While I really can’t stand spiders, these I can handle. No pun intended. Huh? Let me explain.

All you need for this Halloween craft are HANDS and:

  1. Black construction paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Googly eyes (No, these aren’t made by Google.)
  4. Glue
  5. White Crayons (If you don’t want to use googly eyes.)

Then have your kids do the following:

1. Fold the paper in half.

2. Trace their handprint on the paper with their wrist by the crease in the folded paper.

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3. Leaving the paper folded in half, cut around the fingers, but DO NOT cut the crease in the paper where the wrist was. This is the body of the spider.

4. Cut the thumbs off. (I forgot this part last night and my nine-year-old daughter said “Mommy! Spiders don’t have ten legs. Good point, honey.”)

5. Unfold the paper to see the spider!

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6. Then either glue on googly eyes or use white crayon to make the eyes. Since we like happy spiders, my girls drew on a smile with their white crayons.

My girls added their own suggestion last night and made tiny bats with the thumbs they cut off from their handprints. It’s so nice having my own creative team to generate ideas!

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I like to do this craft with my girls because I absolutely love anything with their handprints!

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    On October 18th, 2007 at 9:33 pm, lornadoone said:

    That is awesome. I can’t believe I’ve never seen these before! Very cool idea.

    On October 22nd, 2007 at 3:51 pm, gemma said:

    fab idea

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