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Becoming a Specialized Freelancer


One of the most important goals of Freelance Parent is to encourage others who are seriously pursuing their own freelancing careers by shining a spotlight on what it’s really like to start from the ground up.  It’s a little unnerving to reveal certain things about ourselves and our company, but we agreed early on to […]

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Just Because You Can Type, It Doesn’t Mean You’re a Writer


Writers are easy to find.  
In the world of work-at-home-dom, freelance writing seems to be one of the first things people turn to when faced with bringing a paycheck in through the computer screen. For instance, just imagine poor Jack, sitting at home after a stressful day at work. His back hurts from his cheap […]

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Freelancing for the Holidays


No profession is safe during the holidays. Whether you work in customer service, education, business, or freelancing, the smell of turkeys in the air and visions of way-too-early Santas at the mall are invariably accompanied by stress, too much work (or too little work), and general holiday depression.  
I apologize in advance if you are […]

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Define Your Niche: Nine Ideas for Writers


I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessive about checking our blogs stats through MyBlogLog, but I do like to peek in there a couple of times a day and see where people are coming from and where they’re heading.  I’ve also been keeping a very non-scientific eye on what posts people seem to find the most […]

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What Happens When the Elephant in the Room Walks Out?


Back when we laid out our list of 10 Reasons Businesses Fail, we promised to talk a little more in-depth about some of the issues on that list and to possibly offer some suggestions.  So far, Tamara has shared how she manages to keep our business records in order (reason #6) and has talked about […]

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When Competition is Fierce but Camaraderie is Fiercer


Today I am going to continue with our plan to elaborate on the Ten Reasons Businesses Fail with information on number three, Competition. Originally, I intended to write this article earlier, but I have been having a hard time finding the best way to approach the subject. Most of these setbacks are due to the […]

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