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Best Place To Work :: Home Office Or Outside Of Home?


In my interview with Shoemoney, he shared a piece of advice that I thought was rather interesting when asked about the one thing he wish he knew at an earlier age.
Get an office outside the house if you do not have one already. That was really key for me.
Do you agree or disagree?
When trying to […]

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Is A Promotion Worth Giving Up Your Flexibility?


At my place of employment, I am quickly approaching a crossroads in my career that may have a profound impact on my work life balance.
I’ve mentioned before that my current position as a software engineer comes with a great deal of flexibility - including my regular 4-day work week as well as the ability to […]

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Is American Culture Encouraging Men To Put Work Before Family?


Do you think American culture encourages men to put their career ahead of their family?
There are more and more examples that make me really think this is true. Earlier today I was reading a few articles about work life balance over at Yahoo! hotjobs and noticed something interesting.

In the screen shot above from the […]

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Franchisee vs. Business Owner


For the entrepreneurs in the crowd, I’d like to ask you if you have started your own business or if you have opened a franchise?
Ever since I started my first job out of college I’ve had the desire to own my own business. One of the first questions to answer was whether it was […]

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Dealing With Misperceptions Of Working At Home


When people discover that you work from home, you will likely encounter a handful of raised eyebrows or comments about how much “work” you actually complete.
There are many people that have the perception that working from home equates to sitting in front of the television all day while eating junk food. Or goofing around […]

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What Will You Do For More Family Time?


Many people will say that they want to spend more time with their family but how many of those people are willing to take action to make that a reality?
The other day I had posted on my personal site about whether you are willing to sacrifice to reach your goals. The same holds true […]

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