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Why You Need To Be At The Halloween Parade


As a father, one of the moments that I enjoy the most is when you see your child’s face light up with excitement and happiness. When your presence is the cause for that excitement and happiness the feeling is even more enjoyable.
It isn’t a big secret that today is Halloween and with that usually […]

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Is American Culture Encouraging Men To Put Work Before Family?


Do you think American culture encourages men to put their career ahead of their family?
There are more and more examples that make me really think this is true. Earlier today I was reading a few articles about work life balance over at Yahoo! hotjobs and noticed something interesting.

In the screen shot above from the […]

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Traditions: Simply Capturing Your Traditions


When I wrote about 5 traditions for a stronger family, there was a nice amount of discussion that ensued. One of the comments was from Carol Rice, co-founder of Cherish Bound.
Carol commented that she had just created a new book about traditions as part of the Cherish Bound product suite. The book, Traditions: […]

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Reader Roundtable :: Speak Your Mind


As much as I love writing about topics related to work life balance and items of interest to me as a dad, I also want to give all of you a voice to share what is on your mind.
In order to build this site into the valuable resource that I believe it can become, I […]

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Vacation = Irresponsible Parent


According to the school district that my children attend, parents are acting irresponsibly if they schedule a vacation during a time that school is in session.
This was brought to light recently as a friend of mine is planning a family vacation that will result in their kids being out of school. When they notified […]

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Daddy Forever Campaign In Copenhagen Helps New Dads


A recent article in Time magazine discussed the idea of building a better family and highlighted the efforts underway in Copenhagen.
The mayor of Copenhagen, former European Union Commissioner Ritt Bjerregaard, has launced the Daddy Forever campaign in hopes of making it possible for dads to be more involved at home.
Municipal employees in Copenhagen receive a […]

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