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The Risks of Growing a Blog Too Big


It’s been a bit of a whirlwind week - lots of new visitors, comment records broken, and search engine traffic has tripled recently… and now I’m presented with a great problem to have:
I can’t keep up with it all.
It’s a risk as blogs grow - I used to try and link back to everyone that […]

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One Quick Secret to Boosting the Success of your Home-Based Business


Blogger Aaron Potts is a new reader I didn’t even know I had! I’m thrilled to get to know this eDad through this great guest post, and hope you will shower him with attention and link love, too!
The landscape of the business marketplace continues to change and redefine itself to the point where having a […]

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How to Leverage Positive Thinking into Blog Traffic Surges


This blog has a great story behind it.
I’ve lightly touched on the Law of Attraction before; it’s one of those things that seems a little off topic - until I see my page views and I get a bit of a clue - you guys are interested in this stuff.
So here is the story of […]

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Monday Motivation :: Break Out of the Mold


As many of you know, I’ve been encouraging everyone to take 2007 by storm by getting our butts into gear and taking action (and no prisoners ).
Since this year has started, I have noticed some amazing shifts :: in myself, in my community, and even more importantly, in our collective consciousness.
Ironically, the event that […]

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How Can I Add and Receive More Value?


Do you know what a Primary Question is?
Our Primary Question is the question we ask ourselves on a regular basis
For many of us, this question isn’t a really good one. It’s because the question is most likely designed to doom us to crappy answers. Typical primary questions include:
“Why doesn’t anything ever work out?”
“When will I […]

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Forging Our Own Path


Recently, I had a realization that left me feeling both exhilarated yet a bit scared.I looked at the relationship I have with one of my mentors, and I realized I had outgrown it.
It was a moment of a great self-pat on the back, because I had spent years learning a tremendous amount of valuable lessons […]

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Why do Entrepreneurs Need Inspiration?


From first hand experience, I think most of us know that we, as entrepreneurs and business owners, need inspiration. But when I dove into my research for this post, I had a heck of a time finding any insights as to WHY we need inspiration.
We didn’t just get inspired to start a business and suddenly […]

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