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Big Sale at Old Navy just in time for the switch to Fall clothes


Even though I live in California, the other day we had a cold snap. OK, it just meant that I had to remind my boys to put on a sweatshirt over their shorts and t-shirt, but it was cold nonetheless. And this event signaled one of my two least favorite times of the year: time […]

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Do you like strollers? How about Free Strollers?


You’ve heard of Chicco, that Italian baby gear brand, and right now they’re having a contest of their own where they’re giving away one stroller every day for the month of September. To enter, just fill out this entry form — you do need to answer all 9 of their questions in order for your […]

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Check out the new LUVS diapers, and enter for a chance to win a two month supply!


I freely admit it: I have only ever used Huggies diapers. Mainly because they are easy to get at our local warehouse store, they’re easy to find online, and they’re what our daycare uses.
It isn’t the most scientific method for trying out new products, but it is what I had done for the past 5 […]

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How to get your baby to take medicine in one easy step


Brilliant, that’s all I have to say about the new ReliaDose infant medicine dispenser. Hmmm, well maybe I should say just a little bit more…
Have you ever seen those pacifiers you can fill with medicine? At first they seem like a great idea, and they even really work for some babies, but all it does […]

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