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Hey there — I’m Erika Jurney, mom of 3 wonderfully lunatic boys ages 3, 5 and 5¾ who compete daily for my attention and the title of Today’s Top Consumer of Mom’s Free Time. For a taste of the crazy, just stop by my personal blog Plain Jane Mom. For link lovin’, head over to Linksational.

Want to sponsor a contest?

Excellent! You don’t have to be a large company to sponsor a Momsational contest, you just have to want lots of product exposure and excitement around your brand. Sponsoring a giveaway on Momsational is simple and easy. All you do as the sponsor is let me know what prize(s) you will supply and how many.

  • I run the giveaway for you and get you the winner’s contact information at the end of the contest. On occasion I will accept delivery of the prizes and do the distribution to the winners myself, but this is the exception and not the rule.

    Important: If you are shipping the prize to the winner, you must do so within 2 weeks after I give you the winner’s information. And should you fail to deliver the contest prize in a timely manner, remember the blogosphere is a very public - and vocal - place. I’m just saying… :)

  • I will try my best to get a winner to claim your prize, but on occasion, for whatever reason, I will be unable to get anyone to claim a prize. If I already have the prize in my possession I will use it in a future giveaway. Otherwise I may ask if you would be willing to use that prize in another giveaway.

  • I don’t run giveaways where readers have to do anything other than leave a comment on a post in order to enter.

  • I don’t run giveaways where winners have to pay for shipping (or anything else).

Contact me for more information.

About my Contests and Giveaways

Frequently Asked Questions:

“I’m a blogger — got any special treats for me?”

“May I see the Official Contest Rules?”

“What if I violate the Official Contest Rules?”
Then you don’t win the prize. For example: If the random number generator chooses your comment, but then I see you have entered the same contest more than once — even accidentally — then I will choose another winner. So enter contests carefully! Make sure you only enter once!

“Do you have a winner’s list?”

“What determines a random winner?”
I use Integer Generator to choose winner(s) of random drawings.

“How many times can I win a contest on your site?”
Currently there is no limit, but I may set a limit in the future.

“What if you can’t reach the winner?”
Winners get 7 days to give me their Legal Name, Mailing Address, Date of Birth, Day and Evening Phone Numbers. If that doesn’t happen, at the discretion of eMoms at Home, I either choose a second-chance winner, save the prize for use in a future contest, or inform the sponsor that there will be no prize awarded.

“Why are your contests US-only?”
Because have you ever read sweepstakes law? Yikes. It is hard enough keeping up with US laws, and let’s just say we don’t have a huge legal team… (Where are you when I need you, Arnie Becker?)

But I have to say that I do feel terrible about it. I don’t like contributing to the idea that The Internet stops at the US border, but in this world of lawyers and laws this is the way we have chosen to structure this site.

Any other questions, just use the contact form.

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