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Savvy eBay Sellers Think Like Customers First. Savvy?


Aaarrrr! Ahoy, ye mateys! This be yer eBay selling guide speaking and I’m ter share with ya how me became known as the “Bay Rum Runner.” Is it bounty ye be lookin’ for? Then read on… But ye be warned: Here there be monster profits to be made.
Savvy? (insert Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow swagger […]

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Tell Me About Your Big eBay But…


Let’s get it out of our systems now. Show me your but’s.
I want to sell on eBay but:

…where the heck to you find enough to sell?
…how do I know I won’t get ripped off?
…I don’t know anything about computers.
…I don’t like dealing with people.
…what if I get negative feedback?
…it seems so […]

Popularity: 54% [?]

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The Trust is Free. The Cookie Jar starts at $14.99.


My one year old son just ate a piece of pink chalk while I was launching an eBay auction. My three year old son came in and told me about it. Chances are, had the older brother not informed me of the younger brother’s sneaky “snacking,” I wouldn’t have known about it until […]

Popularity: 51% [?]

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