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Do You Have the Personality to Run a Craft Business?


Sewing has always been a hobby that I really enjoy, but when I started making bags some 4 years ago, that was IT. I knew I had discovered a hobby I could really get my teeth into. I have no idea how many bags I have made in that time, but what I do know is that as soon as I’ve started making a bag, I’m already planning the next one! I’m passionate about bag making and I like to think that this passion has helped motivate me to get my business off the ground and keep to it going. So besides a talent for making gorgeous handicraft, I believe that in order to run a successful craft business, it helps to be absolutely bonkers about your craft, it’s what you do. So who is that you? What personality traits help in running a craft business?

  • Confidence - You need to believe that your handicraft is lovely. You love it. Will other people love it enough to pay for it? Of course it’s also helpful to heed the opinions of others. Invite friends & family, one and all to give you constructive criticism about your crafts, and be prepared to take some of their advice.
  • Enthusiasm - Remember: enthusiasm is infectious. . If you make your craft with passion and enthusiasm it can’t help but show in your products. I try to make bags that I would be happy to be use myself. In this way I feel proud to sell my bags. I’m also so enthusiastic about bag making that I want to help others give it a try and enjoy it like I do.
  • Determination - Running your own a business is incredibly satisfying, but it ain’t all plain sailing. You will have quiet days, days which are too busy, suppliers that let you down, competitors to deal with, … etc. etc. I have to deal with all of this and more, but I love my business so much I’m determined to not be beaten by these potential hurdles.
  • Flexibility - Whilst it’s helpful to have a game plan when running a business, it’s beneficial to be able to anticipate change and be prepared to react to it. You’ll need to keep an eye on what the competition is doing, what the up and coming trends are, and what becomes seasonably fashionable.

Yep, I do kind of like sewing! I loved sewing bags so much that I had to DO SOMETHING with all of the bags I was making!

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