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The Canon PIXMA mini 260 for easy photo printing at home


My oldest son, Mike, started kindergarten this year, and on the very first day he got an assignment to make and decorate a family tree. It is a very cute idea, but we had one problem: all our photographs are online, and unless the teacher would allow Mike to bring in my laptop, and assuming that I would be OK with him decorating my laptop with glitter and stickers, he was not going to be able to pull off his very first homework assignment. To top it off, that same day Chip came home from daycare with a note also requesting family photos.

Oh the stress for Mom!

So I did what I have been putting off for years and bought a dedicated photo printer. But I didn’t want a fancy one, I didn’t want a physically large one, and I didn’t need one that made huge prints. My criteria were pretty basic: the printer itself had to be inexpensive, the supplies like special papers and inks couldn’t cost a lot of money, and the printer had to be simple enough to whip out a few pictures in a hurry.

I’m a little bit of a geek and I truly love gadgets, but as my total number of children have increased, my patience for tinkering with persnickety devices has decreased. (Before I had kids, I would have been alert enough mentally to remember the mathematical term to describe that kind of relationship, but for now you’ll just have to imagine me explaining it while waving my hands about in the air.)

Canon PIXMA mini 260 photo printerThe printer I ended up with is fantastic: the Canon PIXMA mini 260. It has a tiny footprint, quickly prints 4 x 6 snapshots, has only one ink cartridge, and uses pre-cut printing paper. I have a Mac, and the included OS X software looks pretty Windows-y but is in fact easy to use and hasn’t crashed on me yet.

Additionally, I found that the supplies are available online and are pretty cheap — especially the paper. I like the matte finish a lot, and for example you can get 120 sheets of Canon 4×6 Matte Paper for just $11. I’ve already proven that I’m no mathematician, but even I know that’s an excellent deal.

I have it plugged into my airport base station, so I can print to it from anywhere in the house. I have had zero problems with this capable little printer, and I recommend that you check it out if you’re looking for a way to have hard-copies of your digital camera pictures.

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